As an extension of our brand philosophy we place a strong emphasis on improving where we source our materials and the ways in which we manufacture our collections.

Conscious about the wastefulness that is so prevalent in the fashion industry’s production systems it is very important to us that our garments are produced with the lowest possible environmental and human impact.

With sustainable fashion being a relatively emerging concept we wish to seek constant improvements to our practices. Currently our garments are made from the finest silk fabrics that we have traced from the most ethical sources available and ensured that our silks are derived from sustainable cultivation processes.

In addition to this we have moved all manufacturing to Sydney, Australia to ensure best practice working conditions and the quality of the garments.

We hope that by being honest and transparent about these efforts we will participate in the increase of awareness that luxury and sustainable fashion don’t have to be two exclusive ideals.




We are making every effort to reduce waste from our collections by implementing a “seasonless” design strategy, going against the traditional fashion season structure and it’s climactic restrictions. Instead we release collections in carefully timed drops so that the NATALIJA woman may find new designs at the most relevant schedule to her lifestyle and wardrobe requirements.

In doing so we produce locally in smaller batches with the aim to lessen the amount of excess inventory held meaning ultimately less waste from collections.


Our most recent implementation of a made to order service (on selected pieces) was a natural progression and culmination of these philosophies. With this offering we are able to emphasise this focus on longevity and appreciation for best made garments. Producing the best fit for the individual further ensures a timeless wear for each piece and helps to reinstate a true connection to your clothing.

By investing in specially made garments we know that the NATALIJA customer will enjoy a greater appreciation for the craftsmanship in each piece and will truly treasure their custom made item.