We are committed to producing in partnership, with honesty and in support of fair conditions.

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We intentionally celebrate all women. Our bodies, and lives are unique to us and NATALIJA garments are purposefully designed to enhance and honour this.

Empowering women through their wardrobes was the aim that Natalija had when she set out to create her label - “it is more about the woman who wears my garments, not about the garments that adorn the woman. I believe in designing to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. Every piece is intentionally designed to flatter all figures and invite the confidence within intended to empower and make them confident.” Learn more about our approach to design here.

As we are a brand with a female founder and a mostly female team, we actively seek to work and partner with women-led businesses. Our goal as we grow and evolve as a brand is to invest in women-led initiatives centered around female empowerment, leadership, creativity and purpose.


We see our suppliers as partners and they are either individual or small, family-run businesses. We’re proud to manufacture 100% of our garments in Sydney Australia.

We keep our supply chain as short as possible by working with partners that are in close proximity to one another. We only work with those who share our values of fair working conditions, ensuring people are paid living wages, are treated with dignity, and provide safe and comfortable work environments.

We partner with Australian fabric importers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth who have long established relationships with local and overseas mills. Our main fabric sources are Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, China and India. We choose not to go directly to overseas mills as we would rather foster relationships onshore. Learn more about our fabrics here.

We are grateful to have our partners, it is a collaborative relationship built on honesty and a mutual respect for one another. We are in constant contact with them and visit them regularly. They are so much a part of our lives, as I’m sure we are to theirs. By consciously deciding to manufacture in Australia, we hope to reinvigorate the industry and keep these wonderful people in jobs doing what they love. Learn more about how we make here.

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