We commit to working with respect and responsibility to the environment.


We believe a sustainable outlook starts with emphasising care in production though is not complete without a long-term outlook on clothing. We need to treat each piece in our wardrobes with love so they last as long as possible.

A huge part of this is our fabric selection and how you care for them in a way that is also kind to the environment. It was this belief that led us to create our Fine Fabric Wash, which is now a long-time favourite amongst our community.

We want to educate others so they know how to care for their NATALIJA garments to prolong their life. We’ve created a Wardrobe Care Series here to show how easy it is to hand wash, remove stains gently and mend your garments. We also have a care guide and best tips here.

We hope our simple principles will inspire you to develop these into habitual maintenance practises so easily that they become second nature.

Being more mindful and putting more love into your clothes will deepen your appreciation towards the garment. By developing this connection to it, you’ll understand more intimately the material’s qualities, carefully considered details that make your garment unique, and the care that went into producing it.

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Selecting materials for our designs is a very considered part of our process ensuring they meet our high standards of comfort, quality, respect to people and the environment. We still find it challenging to source ethically for trims, though are consciously striving to do better.

We choose fabrics that have minimal impacts on the environment throughout its production and lifetime after wear. We prefer natural fibres such as silk, linen, merino, organic cotton; and regenerated cellulose fabrics being cupro, modal and tencel. We avoid synthetic fibres such as rayon, nylon, polyester and acrylic.

We actively seek to use repurposed (i.e. deadstock) fabrics that are left over from other fashion companies who overestimated their needs. We free these fabrics from being sent to landfill and transform them into beautiful new garments for our women. Currently 70% of our collections are made using repurposed materials.

Fabric minimums have always been a major challenge to all small businesses. Working with an on-demand method of manufacturing means we minimise our waste as we’re only producing garments when needed and using only materials we need. Learn more about our made-to-order practices here


We wanted to ensure the packaging we use to ship our garments was also respectful to the environment. We use compostable mailer bags produced by Hero Packaging and acid-free tissue paper which gently lines the fabric with a neutral ph.

The bags are made from corn starch (PLA) with a synthetic polymer (PBAT) for added strength and durability. According to the manufacturers, this combination of materials represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics.

So when your beautiful NATALIJA piece arrives, simply remove the mailing label and place both the bag and tissue paper in with your food scraps and garden waste, or worm farm, and they will break down within 120 days in a at-home compost environment.

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