A Better World
{ for us now, and beyond }

We have a holistic approach to sustainability 

It starts from how we design, source our materials, to the way we make, market, and care for our clothes.

We advocate a slower, more mindful model of fashion, with small thoughtful ranges. We're not wedded to seasons and the fashion calendar, we release new pieces every 2-3 months that are relevant and add value to our community in the present moment. Why? We want our garments to be fit for you, provide comfort and instil confidence. Learn more

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Deadstock fabric Australia
Deadstock fabric Australia

Our materials

We use 100% natural materials with minimal impact on the environment throughout production, lifetime after wear, and meet our high standards. We ensure fabrics are durable, of quality, feel soft on the skin, and are comfortable to wear. 

We actively seek to use repurposed (i.e. deadstock) fabrics that are left over from other fashion companies who overestimated their needs. We free these fabrics from being sent to landfill, transforming them into beautiful new garments. Currently, at least 80% of our collections are made with repurposed materials.

Our garments are designed to be worn many times over a lifetime, and fabrics must be able to withstand this wear with ease. While approx. 99% of our fabrics are not blended materials, some are e.g. our merino woolThis is to improve movement when on the body. However, with such blended materials we source local deadstock fabrics.

Carbon footprint

We acknowledge the importance of minimising our impact on the environment. We keep our supply chain as short as possible. This what makes us different from many other brands: we produce in Sydney and also partner with local material importers (for fabrics and trims) that are in close proximity to our studio. 

We’re a direct-to-consumer online brand and on average, e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional retail spaces. A business can use a lot of things, we manage our impact by only purchasing what we need, prioritising materials that are biodegradable or recyclable, and donate our textile scraps whenever possible. 

Natural garment wash
Black silk camisole top

Our packaging

We prevent excess waste by minimising 'extra packaging'. We ship our garments in protective acid-free tissue paper with a neutral ph. We have eliminated plastics from our shipments, moving to compostable mailer bags by Better Packaging Co or Hero Packaging.

These bags are made from corn starch (PLA) with a synthetic polymer (PBAT) for added strength and durability. According to the manufacturers, this combination of materials represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics.

So when your beautiful NATALIJA piece arrives, simply remove the mailing label and place both the bag and tissue paper in with your food scraps and garden waste, or worm farm, and they will break down within 120 days in a at-home compost environment.

Treat every piece in your wardrobe with love so it lasts as long as possible. 

We want to educate others so they know how to care for their NATALIJA garments to prolong their life—here's a quick care guide with best tips, and step-by-step videos here showing how easy you can hand wash, remove stains gently and mend your garments.

Putting more love into your clothes will deepen your appreciation towards the garment—you’ll learn to love the fabric’s natural qualities, considered details that make your garment unique, and the care that went into making it specially for you.

It was this belief that led us to create our Fine Fabric Wash  which is now a long-time favourite amongst our community (so much so, it's currently sold out!).

Natural garment wash