Our bodies, and lives are unique to us and NATALIJA garments are
purposefully designed to enhance and honour this.

Mother daughter hugging

It's important I connect with the women who wear and represent the brand. 

After the arrival of my first child, and loveable daughter, Elle; my views and approach to NATALIJA began to shift. An inner confidence emerged, and I realised the importance of appreciating your body as it was.

I’d never quite realised how instinctual our relationship to clothing is, until my body endured change and transformation. The simple act of wearing garments that were beautiful on the skin, and invited the confidence from within to emerge opened my eyes to how garments can truly enliven us.

With fresh eyes, my wardrobe took on a new purpose. I opt to only invest in pieces that hold a special resonance to me and compliment the woman I am within.

This point of view has redefined how I design. I strive for women to cultivate their own form of empowered dressing, and am delighted to see when our women express their inner selves while adorned in NATALIJA.

Inspiring you to live with confidence and dress with ease.

We believe fashion should be a source of confidence. That’s why we're here to help women everywhere develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them improve their self-esteem.

We want to empower women to embrace their own style and take an eponymous approach to dressing.

It's about providing women with quality wardrobe essentials they can customise, and make distinctively theirs—tailoring the design to suit style preferences including straps, length, colour, fabric, and fit.

White silk shirt Australian made
Black silk slip dress ethically made

We advocate a slower, more mindful model of fashion, with small thoughtful ranges.

Not wedded to seasons and the fashion calendar, we release new pieces every 2 to 3 months that are relevant and add value to our community in the present moment.

Release No. 4 is now available, explore the pieces here.

We’ve created collections as one full-size range from 4 to 18.

We don’t separate out our extended sizes and call out “petite”, “tall” or “plus” size for example — we believe words matter.

Your size is your size. Who are we to tell a woman her size is in a different category from the size of the woman next to her?

We stand strong against such terms, and feel they have no place in our company that makes products for women designed to inspire confidence.

White silk shirt Australian made