For our designs to be both beautiful and useful has never felt more relevant to us. We advocate a slower, more mindful model of consumerism, with the belief that your wardrobe should be added to intentionally over time with items of quality that will last, and hold a special resonance and value to you.

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After the arrival of my first child, and loveable daughter, Elle; my views and approach to NATALIJA began to shift. An inner confidence emerged, and I realised the importance of appreciating your body as it was.

I’d never quite realised how instinctual our relationship to clothing is, until my body endured change and transformation. The simple act of wearing garments that were beautiful on the skin, and invited the confidence from within to emerge opened my eyes to how garments can truly enliven us.

With fresh eyes, my wardrobe took on a new purpose. I opt to only invest in pieces that hold a special resonance to me and compliment the woman I am within.

It’s of deep importance to me to connect with the women who wear and represent our brand. This point of view has redefined how I design. I strive for women to cultivate their own form of empowered dressing, and am delighted to see when our women express their inner selves while adorned in NATALIJA.

"It may be slightly unconventional that I sample every NATALIJA garment in my size and refine the design while wearing it first (not a mannequin). Though not only do I see how the garment falls over the body but I can know exactly how that garment makes me think, feel and act - it's is a continuous narrative of self empowerment."


A range of wardrobe staples (available all year round) that can be easily paired and styled back with pieces you already own in your closet. To start, it includes a couple of shirts, our signature slip dresses and camisoles, a skirt and pants - all in black and white. The strength to this offering is in the quality of materials, longevity in design and wear.

It’s all about ease.

Explore our Core Collection here.

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Store image


We have moved away from the conventional fashion calendar and no longer produce large, seasonal collections.

Instead we release smaller, more frequent ranges with 3 to 5 new items every month in Australian sizes 4 (XXS) up to 18 (XXXL). Every release will have its own story; and every piece can be paired with the core collection; tweaking proportions, adding new colours or fabrics as needed, and replacing styles that women no longer desire.

It's all about enabling women to present themselves to the world with purpose and intention.

Release No. 2 is now available, explore the pieces here.