Fit for your body.

No two women are the same, so why do their clothes need to be?

Do you ever ask yourself this question in the dimly lit fitting rooms (or at home) as you try on clothes that don't flatter or make you feel good?⁠⁠ 

⁠⁠Well, this is the 'fit' problem we as a brand are trying to solve. For you, and your body. From consistently enduring experiences of ill-fitting clothing, exclusion, size confusion and size irregularity. 

Why? We believe clothes can bring out inner confidence and this all begins with a flattering 'made-for-you' fit.⁠⁠ Fit for your body is about liberation from ill-fitting clothing and the freedom to customise NATALIJA garments to suit your style preferences.

More sizes for more bodies

We don't label or call out our "extended", “plus”, "petite" or "tall" sizes—collections are inclusive and are shown as one full-size range from 4 to 22.  With every piece put through multiple fittings across different sizes—no formulas, just women's bodies. 

As we evolve, we want to build out our range further, offering more sizes (and styles) for more bodies and be the change we want to see in this world.

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Customise design
details easily

Wardrobe essentials in sizes 4 to 22 you can customise—personalising the fit for your body and details to suit your style preferences; e.g. straps, length, colour, and fabric.

No labels,
just perfect fit

Simply choose your height and we'll proportionally tailor fit a garment to better shape your body by adjusting seams, sleeve lengths, and other measurements - for free!

Natural fabrics
for comfort

We only use natural materials that are durable, of quality, feel soft on the skin, and are comfortable to wear in colours that compliment a variety of skin tones.

Sewn & delivered
within 2-3 weeks

The only way we can sustainably create one-of-a-kind garments is as a made-to-order business, producing clothes locally in Sydney as orders are placed online. 

Ordering a customised garment is simple and easy.

Take for example, our signature slip.

1.  Choose a round or v-neckline in silk or linen, and in a colour you love.

2.  Personalise by changing the strapskeep the thin or add adjustable or wide straps to suit your style preference.

3. Want to tailor the length? We do that too! Shorten or lengthen the hemline as desired.

4. Review and place order. We'll have your garment made just for you and delivered within 2 weeks.

What if you're not ordering a slip, can you still customise the fit of other garments?

Yes, all our clothes are customisable! 

For instance, choose different straps for camisole's; pants, tops and skirts are proportionally fitted for your body. All you need to do, is simply choose your height and we'll adjust seams, sleeve lengths, and other measurements - for free - to better be shaped for your body.

Some garments even have the option to customise design details, where you can add side splits to skirts, modesty button closures and change sleeve lengths for dresses (we're all about the little details).

Want something more custom? We do that too with our Bespoke Services. Learn more