We value quality, timeless design and longevity. We are focused on sourcing the finest silk materials, supporting sustainable practises and keeping the manufacturing of our garments local. In doing so we strive to achieve the highest standards of production and ensure beautiful, timeless garments for our customer.


In the Natalija woman’s busy modern routine time is the ultimate luxury which is why longevity is a significant driver behind our collections. We strongly believe that the contemporary woman’s wardrobe should be built upon easy to wear, well-made pieces that are thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time.

As a brand we are hoping to be a part of this movement to shift consumer’s mindsets back to appreciating quality and longevity rather than supporting ‘fast fashion’ ideals. We value doing more with less and relying on a wardrobe of fewer, more versatile pieces that last.

We believe the key to providing this sense of luxury and the opportunity for long-lasting wear is maintaining our strong emphasis on simple, understated designs and 100% natural materials. We want the NATALIJA woman to treasure these garments and if treated with care they will form long lasting foundations of her daily wardrobe.

Above all we want the NATALIJA woman to feel nothing less than beautiful when wearing our garments. She should feel as though she is wearing something beautifully made, comfortable and luxurious which in turn will give her the confidence to move through her day with a sense of effortless ease.

Wearing a NATALIJA garment evokes a sense of elegance and luxury which is made all the more better knowing that this investment has had a kinder impact on the world.