Intentionally Beautiful

Guided by the principle- ‘beautiful things made better’, we design timeless clothes to be worn by modern women. Each fabric has been chosen with great care and consideration of its quality, sustainability and durability.

Integrity and Kindness

Designed and made in Sydney, NATALIJA was founded 5 years ago with the vision of building a brand and company with kindness towards people and our planet. Committed to fair production and supporting local craftsmanship, we use low-impact materials with the promise of beauty and simple functionality.

A Considered Wardrobe

NATALIJA’s intention isn’t simply to make beautiful garments but champion the philosophy of a considered wardrobe. This approach is based on mindfully acquiring timeless, classic pieces that are made to last, so that they will be a part of our wardrobes for many years to come. Collections are versatile with colours transcending seasons and styles celebrating the female form. 

Natalija, Herself

In 2014 Natalija grew a desire to create a line of classic wardrobe essentials in ethically sourced materials. A self taught fashion designer she set out to build a brand of substance and truth, creating for the needs of real women rather than conforming to the traditional constructs of the industry.

As the brand has flourished Natalija’s favourite thing is receiving feedback from the women who support the label. Their thanks is a continual affirmation that her sentiment is shared- that fashion can be uncomplicated, and that every woman deserves to feel beautiful every day.

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