We're reshaping fashion's future.

Our mission is to inspire body confidence in women by offering an inclusive and customisable fit.

Natalija Australian Made Clothing

It's about where our story began

Meet the heart behind the brand… founder, Natalija Bouropoulos.

"I believe, as a fashion brand, NATALIJA has the power to reshape the industry. Being a female business owner, and mother of two, I understand more so now than ever that brands can greatly impact the world for the better and use their influence for good. This moral imperative is embedded with care for the industry we are apart of, care for the clothes we are designing and importantly, a deep care for the women who wear our clothes.

I truly envision inclusive fit being the norm rather than the niche and with determination believe I am ideally positioned to contribute to pioneering a new fit standard where all women belong and feel accepted - online and offline."

Discover Natalija's personal story here, learning more about the real purpose behind the label, and why confidence is such an important part of the brand.

It's about creating an equitable world

No two women are alike. Why should their clothes be? 

Do you ever ask yourself this question in the dimly lit fitting rooms (or at home) as you try on clothes that don't flatter or make you feel good?⁠⁠

Well, this is the 'fit' problem we as a brand are trying to solve. For you, and your body Why? We believe clothes can bring out inner confidence and this all begins with a flattering 'made-for-you' fit.⁠ 

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Natalija Australian Made Clothing
Natalija Australian Made Clothing

It's about changing an 'old-fashioned' industry

By 2030, it’s expected that there will be 148 million tons of fashion waste. We have adopted a zero waste - made-to-order - business model. This means garments are produced on demand. Stepping away from environmentally harmful mass production. This model limits fabric wastage in the manufacturing process and we have little to no stock overflow.

This approach also allows for our team to design fit for your body and "cuts through" social problems arising from standard size offerings - where many bodies are excluded.⁠⁠⁠⁠As we see the industry move to accept women's bodies in all their extraordinary diversity - we dream about fit following suit and are here to pioneer a new sizing standard.

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It's about positively impacting women

Being a brand that designs for women means we have an inherent responsibility to live up to our mission of: inspiring confidence. We do so by amplifying women's voices in our 'Dear Self' series, collaborating with local, female-led charities and choosing to align NATALIJA with intelligent, diverse and inspiring influencers and brand partners. 

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Natalija Australian Made Clothing

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It's important for us to constantly reflect, learn, listen and ask ourselves how we can be more, and do more.

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We've received nods from the likes of Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and have graced the figures of celebrities.
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