Our Story { is about all of us } 
— it was never just about clothing.
It's about inspiring confidence in all women to live authentically.
A mission that extends beyond your wardrobe... 

Natalija Australian Made Clothing

It's about the heart of everything that is

Meet the heart behind the brand… founder, Natalija Bouropoulos.

"I believe we all have the power to create change and have an impact—so I'm making ours a positive one. It's a choice embedded with care for the local industry we support, care for the clothes we are designing, and care for the women who wear our clothes."

Learn more about 'why Natalija started the brand' and discover her personal story here, discovering the real purpose behind the label, and why confidence is such an important part of NATALIJA.

It's about an inclusive and equitable world

Standard size offerings are not accommodating or flattering for many women, with 62% revealing they can’t find clothing that fits well. This leaves some feeling like there’s something wrong with their body.

Our fit philosophy was inspired by you { and all your extraordinary bodies }, out of the frustration that womankind consistently endure experiences of ill-fitting clothing, exclusion, size confusion and size irregularity.

We offer women the option to { personalise } every NATALIJA garment. Why? We want our garments to be fit for you, provide comfort and instil confidence. 

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Natalija Australian Made Clothing
Natalija Australian Made Clothing

It's about revolutionising an industry

Today’s textile industry is built on an outdated linear, take-make-dispose model and is hugely wasteful and polluting. Shockingly, every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned globally. By 2030, it’s expected that there will be 148 million tons of fashion waste.

We've decided to reject the unsustainable pace of fashion, and shift out of a relentless growth model into a more responsible one. With a made-to-order model that looks to solve two of fashion's biggest environmental problems: the accumulation of unsold inventory, and the failure of the forecast model (a key driver of overproduction), while allowing for better fit in the process.

Learn more about our holistic approach to sustainability here.

It's about making a positive impact on women

Being a brand that designs { for women and their extraordinary bodies } means we have an inherent responsibility to live up to our mission of inspiring confidence—beyond your wardrobe.

There's nothing more important to us than making sure all women are included, seen and heard; and a new normal in established { for us now, and beyond }.

We want to create a space to bring women that dwell in and out of our community closer together, to lift and support each other, and to remind us all of our strength as individuals and as a collective.

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Natalija Australian Made Clothing

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It's important for us to constantly reflect, learn, listen and ask ourselves how we can be more, and do more.

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We've received nods from the likes of Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and have graced the figures of celebrities.
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