"The more I learn about the fashion industry, the more I am convinced that people need to buy less but buy better. It is my passion to create long-lasting, precious pieces of impeccable quality and strive to do so in the most sustainable way possible.”

- Natalija Bouropoulos


NATALIJA is committed to ensuring high social, ethical and environmental standards throughout all business practices.

Our core values are quality, timeless design and longevity. We are focused on sourcing the finest silk materials, supporting sustainable practises and keeping the manufacturing of our garments local. In doing so we strive to achieve the highest standards of production and ensure beautiful, timeless garments for our customer.

As a brand we are hoping to be a part of this movement to shift consumer’s mindsets back to appreciating quality and longevity rather than supporting ‘fast fashion’ ideals. We value doing more with less and relying on a wardrobe of fewer, more versatile pieces that have longevity and are worn and loved for many years to come.


Proudly, all our designs are made in Sydney, Australia with our manufacturer accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. This ensures best working practices, quality of garments and supports Australian craftsmanship.



Adequate wages, healthy working hours, a safe hygienic workplace, protection of the environment, prohibition of forced labour, elimination of child labour are all vital to our social responsibility.


Minimal Waste

We are making every effort to step out from the traditional fashion calendar and produce season-less, but still highly relevant collections for our customer. We believe in creating beautiful, wearable garments that the NATALIJA woman can wear all year round and for many years to come, therefore our emphasis is on producing fewer, highly considered collections rather than abiding by the industry’s conventional seasons; lessening the amount of excess inventory held, meaning ultimately less waste from collections.



Our garments are made from the finest silk fabrics that we have traced from the most ethical sources available and ensured that our silks are derived from sustainable cultivation processes. While the fibre production itself is in China, no harsh chemicals are used to dye the silk to achieve their beautiful colours. Our mill upholds ancient traditions established centuries ago, going to great efforts to maintain the same exacting standards and sourcing their mulberry leaves from the very same fields.



We hope that by being honest and transparent about these efforts we will participate in the increase of awareness that luxury and sustainable fashion don’t have to be two exclusive ideals.