NATALIJA is a socially aware and responsible company. We hope that by being honest about our beliefs, processes and actions we’ll promote the enjoyment of fashion in a sustainable way.

Made Well, Made Local

Every NATALIJA garment is made in Sydney, with our supply chain accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. We value the relationships we have with our maker. Not only are we proud to support Australian craftsmanship but also that we can ensure a quality product made under good working conditions.

Natural Fibres

Our brand has always worked exclusively with natural fibres, predominantly silk. Our choice was intentional - to select fabrics that have minimal impacts on the earth throughout its production and lifetime after wear. Natural fibres biodegrade, breathe when worn and can withstand washing and wear. Every effort is made to source these fabrics from the most ethical sources, read more about our choices here.

Timeless Style

Our garments are intentionally designed for a better future. We value doing more with less and relying on a wardrobe of fewer, more versatile pieces that have longevity. Design consideration and quality are paramount, so that every NATALIJA garment will remain fashionable and wearable for many years to come.

A Lighter Footprint

Our aim is to produce only what is needed. This means increasing our design precision, adapting our processes to eliminate or repurpose waste and offering product to the customer when she needs it, rather than conforming to the retail calendar.

Producing locally allows us to make these collections in small batches lessening the amount of excess inventory held as does offering a made to order service on selected pieces.