Every piece is proudly 100% Australian made by skilled craftswomen and men.

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What is Made-To-Order?

Made-to-order is a method of manufacturing in which garments are only produced when they are required, one at a time, rather than in large quantities.

Typical fashion companies produce large amounts of inventory—while it reduces per-piece production cost, it more than often leaves them with excess product at the end of the season. Unsold product is put on sale, marked down repeatedly, and if consumers still won’t buy, it’s sent to landfills or burned, adding significant pollution to our planet.

When you place an order with us, you aren’t getting an item that’s been in plastic, sitting around in a warehouse waiting to be sold. You’re getting something made specially for you and only you, in alignment with our principles on human, animal and environmental welfare.

With a little patience, you’ll have your piece cut, sewn and delivered within 2 weeks. Learn more 

Beautifully made, quality garments at honest prices.

Making one garment at a time does increase per-piece production cost.

Though we want stand by our mission to inspire confidence in women everywhere. And so, have farewelled most of our wholesalers.

By doing so, we are able to keep our prices lower and make Australian made more accessible for all.

Made in Australia silk
Custom made dresses plus size

Supporting the growth and livelihood of our local industry.

We see our suppliers as partners and they are either individual or small, family-run Australian businesses. They share our values of fair conditions, are paid living wages, treat others with dignity, and work in safe and comfortable environments.

Our relationship with each person is built on a mutual respect for one another. We're in constant contact, and visit them regularly. They're so much a part of our lives, as I’m sure we are to theirs.

 By consciously making in Australia, we hope to reinvigorate the local industry and keep these wonderful people in jobs doing what they love. 

Get to know the people who make your clothes with our video series here.