Made-to-order: a better way of making clothes.

Natural environment Australian countryside

Made for you, for your body

With a now made-to-order model, NATALIJA garments are produced only when required - order by order - using only the resources needed. Worth the wait, promise.

This approach allows for our team to design fit for your body and "cuts through" social problems arising from standard size offerings - where many bodies are excluded.⁠⁠⁠⁠As we see the industry move to accept women's bodies in all their extraordinary diversity - we dream about fit following suit and are here to pioneer a new sizing standard.

More sizes for more bodies is the future for NATALIJA

Zero waste inventory

By 2030, it’s expected that there will be 148 million tons of fashion waste. We have adopted a zero waste - made-to-order - business model. This means garments are produced on demand. Stepping away from environmentally harmful mass production. This model limits fabric wastage in the manufacturing process and we have little to no stock overflow. 

What does this mean?

Simply put, carrying no inventory means we carry no waste. We intentionally only design when you order. ⁠This reduces our footprint, as resources are only used when required. We've stepped off the fashion 'trend-mill', and created our own, sustainable pace. ⁠⁠⁠Slow down with us and shop zero waste.

Natural environment Australian countryside
Custom made dresses plus size

Australian designed and made

Supporting the growth and livelihood of our local industry deeply matters to our brand. We see our suppliers as partners and they are either individual or small, family-run Australian businesses. They share our values of fair conditions, are paid living wages, treat others with dignity, and work in safe and comfortable environments. Our relationship with each person is built on a mutual respect for one another. They're so much a part of our lives, as I’m sure we are to theirs.

Meet our Sydney seamstress, Chrisy. The woman who makes all your NATALIJA pieces (and that's Ric above, he cuts your garments). We celebrate and show you the people and the hands behind our brand. Watch our IGTV series here for a behind-the-brand peak inside our Sydney studio.
By consciously making in Australia with skilled craftswomen and men, we hope to reinvigorate the local industry and keep these wonderful people in jobs doing what they love.