When it comes to event wear we know that our woman relies on beautifully cut pieces in flattering shapes. With our Bespoke Service, we can create a garment that is custom made for your shape, taste and style.

It is one of our core values to produce fewer, more relevant pieces for your wardrobe. In making this way, we love that we can purposefully create a garment that exactly meets your needs. 

How it works

Perhaps you are looking for the perfect special occasion dress or a beautiful collection of bridesmaid dresses… We can work with you to design your ideal garment based on the NATALIJA core styles.

Our bespoke options begin with our classic silhouettes - allowing you to customise through slight alterations and colour alternatives. For example, you love our Draped Low Back Silk Slip Dress but want it to the floor with a split – we’ll create this for you using the same high standard of production and materials as our other pieces. 

How to Order

To enquire about making your tailored NATALIJA piece, and to receive a free 30 minute consultation, please email info@natalijathelabel.com.au 



Each order is individually quoted based on your requirements. As a guide, pricing is based upon the original NATALIJA style plus a minimum 10% increase for simple changes. The final price will depend on the number and type of alterations to be made. 


An accurate timeframe will be confirmed by Natalija when placing your order. 

As a small business working with independent makers we are pleased that we can facilitate this service for our customers. However the nature of working this way means that we cannot guarantee a specific time frame, nor rushed orders. We appreciate your understanding and forward planning to allow adequate time for design confirmation and make. In turn, we commit to keeping you updated every step of the way. 


NATALIJA does not accept returns (refund or exchange) on bespoke items. If for some reason, you feel there is an issue with your bespoke garment, then please this must be raised with us within 5 business days of receiving the item. Where possible we will work with you to find the best possible solution.