What does it mean to set intentions?

Written by Jasmine Irven and originally published for Sustainable Bliss Collective.

I use the word intention a lot, and I think it’s kind of become a buzzword in recent months specifically. Whenever that happens though, it seems to be common for words to lose their meaning.

Thus, this post was born, as I wanted to touch briefly on what this word means to me, and how I use it within my community. 

Up until a couple years ago, I wouldn’t say I was intentional - let me know if this sounds familiar: 

  • Your days are busy but you don’t know what progress you’re making 

  • You might set goals but aren’t necessarily working towards them on a day-to-day basis

  • Your goals change as often as the wind based on external opinions and input 

  • Life feels like it’s on autopilot

  • You’re lacking fulfilment or meaning

You’re essentially going through the motions, but don’t necessarily have meaning behind your actions, or know where they’re leading. 

Often times when we’re living life like this, it’s easy to feel unfulfilled or lost. Because it’s very likely that we’re moving through life without a clear connection to our intuition. To what we’re meant to be doing here on earth. To what brings us joy and also what we’re meant to bring to the world. 


Enter: this concept of intention. 

From Merriam-Webster: in·ten·tion | noun 

INTENTION, INTENT, PURPOSE, DESIGN, AIM, END, OBJECT, OBJECTIVE, GOAL meaning, “what one intends to accomplish or attain.”

Extending this concept a little, to me intention means putting purpose behind everything (or almost everything) that I do, say, and lean into.

Today’s world is full of distraction. Full of opportunities. Full of things you could or “should” be doing. But if those things don’t align with your values, the person you want to be, or the person you know you are, then they’re likely not worth your time, attention, and energy. 

And so, living with intention means looking at how you can give yourself the time and space to infuse meaning behind your thoughts and actions. 

Some next steps: 

  1. Journal: what are your values? What brings you energy? What drains your energy? What does your dream life look like? 

  2. Take a look at your schedule and ask yourself if the things in your schedule align with your values and the life you want to create for yourself. If not, moving forward start to be more clear + steadfast when it comes to your values. When you’re asked to take on a new project, go to a new event, or add something else to your schedule, first ask yourself if it really lines up with what you care about and what you want your life to look like. 

  3. Don’t be afraid to say no. To people, commitments, or projects that don’t serve you.

Taking this a step further, I also heavily advocate for setting intentions. So in addition to making sure that what you put in your days currently is intentional, setting intentions looks at where you want to be spending your energy moving forward. 

I love to do this during meditation because it’s super powerful! It allows us to really connect with our subconscious where so many of our desires are held, where we can really lean into our intuition, rather than the conscious mind, which we’re often stuck in all day - with our thoughts and worries and feelings of things we should be doing, external input -all the things that might be holding us back. 


About the Author:

Jasmine Irven, founder of the Sustainable Bliss Collective, a Registered Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach (RHNC™), Certified Meditation Teacher, sustainable living advocate, and lover of all things health + wellness. If you’re looking to work with her directly please visit Jasmine's website or personal Instagram.

If not, we hope her words here are enough to inspire + challenge you to embrace your own journey, enjoy the blissful moments of each day, and make an impact in this beautiful world we call home.

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