Behind The Brand: We're Now Made-To-Order

This week we relaunched as a direct-to-consumer women’s fashion brand, adapting a made-to-order business practice to rebuild for the future. 

We were once your typical independent, sustainable, small-sized Australian label - the sort influencers and media adored. We made seasonal collections and sold wholesale to retailers like Rêve En Vert, Well Made Clothes and The Iconic. We have since taken a substantial risk, opting to throw out that model entirely. 

“I have lived the unsustainable pace of fashion, and wish to shift out of a relentless growth model into a more responsible one. It’s apparent that, that way of working is stuck in the past, rather than focused on the future.” Natalija Bouropoulos said. “I have realigned NATALIJA to work with, not against, the large-scale shifts in the industry in an attempt to reduce our waste as a fashion brand, and eliminate overproduction and excess, without compromising on style.”

It took 6 months but Natalija has reinvented how her business runs. Our brand is an early adopter of what should be “fashion’s new normal”, advocating a slower, more mindful model of consumerism.
Operating as a made-to-order business means NATALIJA only produces garments from environmentally-friendly fabrics when someone places an order online, and delivers to them within 2 weeks. By also selling directly to customers, we're able to provide quality, responsibly made clothing at a lower price point. 
Now, instead of large seasonal collections; we sell a range of wardrobe essentials (available all year round) that can be easily paired and styled back with pieces women already own in their closet. It’s all about ease.
With this we release smaller, more frequent ranges with 3 to 5 new items every 2 to 3 months (the first drop will be in June) in Australian sizes 4 (XXS) up to 18 (XXXL) - tweaking proportions, adding new colours or fabrics as needed, and replacing styles that the customers no longer desire.
“It’s of deep importance to me to connect with the women who wear and represent our brand. This point of view has redefined how I design. I strive for women to cultivate their own form of empowered dressing. Essentially, I’m in the business of improving women's confidence... I just happen to make beautiful clothes.”
We see our suppliers as partners; they are either individual or small, family-run businesses; and is proud to make 100% of her garments in Sydney.

“By consciously deciding to produce in Australia, we hope to reinvigorate the industry and keep these wonderful people in jobs doing what they love.” 

Discover our new collection here.


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