Were Here For Women


Introducing our initiative to bring us closer while we are apart and instill every NATALIJA woman with the confidence she needs to get through this challenging time.


In these uncertain times our sense of community has never been felt so deeply. At NATALIJA we are focused on empowering women wanted to create a unique space to bring our women together to lift each other up and were wondering how to do so when social distancing is enforced.

We're Here for Women is a platform built just for this, where we ask women to write down their favourite quote or mantra that inspires them to think positively, trust in the universe and believe in themselves. Starting with an instagram page, we hope that this adopts other forms as it grows. 

Who better to introduce this idea than Natalija herself. Here is our conversation with her on the story behind and vision for We're Here for Women.


What is We're Here for Women?

A place for women to come together online through words of inspiration and affirmation. Instilling confidence in this uncertain time and reminding us all of our strength as individuals and as a collective.

As an Australian womenswear brand whose focus is to create ‘beautiful things made better’. Our focus is female empowerment, and in times like these we wished to create a resource that knits our community closer whilst we are physically apart.

Where did the idea for We’re Here for Women come from?

The idea is to connect our digital community, and create space for positivity and support. What are the words you most need to hear right now? What is it that you would like to say to a dear friend or family member, to remind them of their strength, their beauty and what makes them so special.

It all started with my favourite quote, "Trust the wait. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. In a time where nothing is certain, everything is  possible." - I love this reminder so much I have 'Everything is Possible" tattooed on my forearm. We started thinking about this idea of what is possible through collective positivity. We wanted to create a space that lifted the spirits of our community and reminded them of their potential and strength amongst these challenging times.


How do you hope this impacts our women as they share and see others’ messages?

We want to inspire and instill confidence amongst our community of women and hope this page helps you to see the light amongst the clouds.   

We were thinking of the women at home who might need this reminder to help them get through their day, because if anything this moment in time proves that we are a sum of all of our parts. We must take care of ourselves so that we can unite as a group. We hope that whilst this idea was birthed amongst this global issue it becomes an ongoing platform to share, support, promote self love and inspire our community of women to step into their power.

Join the movement with us,  follow and share your positive quote or mantra tagging us at @werehereforwomen and #werehereforwomen


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