Love letters
For him, for her, for you.
Sweet nothings and gentle words.
A warm embrace with every line
Kindness, thanks and compliments.
A letter of love penned just for you.
self confidence valentine's day natalija silk wear
Valentine’s Day isn’t all about chocolates and roses, for us at NATALIJA it is a celebration of love. Love amongst you and your partner, your friends, family…. But most importantly your self. We believe self love is one of the most empowering things for a woman and something that we can all do with a little bit more of in our lives. This Valentine’s day at NATALIJA we choose to celebrate self love above all others, and invite you to take this moment to appreciate all that is you.
At NATALIJA we aim to make luxurious, well made garments that make every woman feel confident and self assured, for us it goes much further than just looks. It is so important to us that we not only make you look beautiful but feel even more beautiful and treasured. We hope that any investment in one of our pieces feels like a treat, a little bit of luxury that you gift yourself and enjoy. 
self confidence valentine's day natalija silk wear
self confidence valentine's day natalija silk wear
We believe that there is nothing quite as special as a woman radiating confidence and positivity. We love the idea of creating little moments in your day that nurture a sense of self love, little treats to oneself like guiltlessly indulging in a French croissant with your morning coffee, slipping into your favourite outfit or pampering yourself with a warm bath and scented candles at the end of your day. With our busy modern schedules it can be easy to lose sight of these little self love moments as a priority but it has never been more important to set aside time for yourself. 
self confidence valentine's day natalija silk wear
So we encourage you this Valentine’s day to show yourself a little bit of love. Write a self-love letter to acknowledge and appreciate your best qualities , maybe buy yourself a rose or treat yourself to a beautiful NATALIJA piece. Most importantly we invite you to take a moment to fill yourself up with love, so much that it overflows to everyone around you. Because it is only when you truly experience self love that you can best love others. And why not make this a daily practice beyond Valentine’s Day, there’s always room for a bit of extra love in our lives.
Images from our ongoing collaboration with Cynthia Nguyen.


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