The Story of Our Cotton Fabric

With our most recent collection we introduced some new fabrics to compliment our treasured silks. We are most excited by the addition of our beautiful Cotton Check which is featured in this season’s favourite pieces - the Button Front Cotton Dress and Wrap Top.

Here is the story behind where we have sourced this beautiful fabric and why we are so proud to support its production.



This fabric is hand woven in the West Bengal villages of India, who are well known for producing these fine fabrics. It’s delicate quality is only made possible by the humidity in the region which prevents the yarn from breaking as it is woven.

Here, the skill of hand looming has been handed down by generations. Traditionally the cotton is hand spun by women and then woven on timber looms by the men but the most positive outcome is that the whole community is involved in this business. Weavers work from home bringing more prosperity to families, allowing the children to go to school rather than work. Hopefully in time they will take on this craft so that it can carry on throughout another generation.



When designing our collections, NATALIJA’s guiding philosophy is “beautiful things made better”. We are so proud that we could incorporate this exquisite fabric in our latest collection especially considering it’s alignment with our values of supporting craftsmanship and improving communities. The reason we were able to connect with these makers is via our partnership with Artisans of Fashion - a social enterprise who exist to promote cultural sustainability and support the economic welfare of artisans in India, in particular women and marginalised communities.

What we love most about Artisans of Fashion is that they work with these artisans to preserve traditional methods, and in their own words ‘to share their stories so more people can discover the process and all the love that has gone into each unique piece’. Whilst we make a deliberate choice to assemble our garments locally to support garment makers within Australia we are so proud that in this partnership we can also uphold specialty methods of craftsmanship that have been carried out by generations. 



Many hands make a garment and we believe in working with those that are passionate about their craft. When this happens we like to think a special quality is added to the garment, a labour of love produces a piece that is made to be loved.

Browse our Summer collection pieces made in this beautiful cotton here.

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