Quiet Moments

We're in a period of rest, with the simple instruction to spend time at home. We are being forced to relinquish the pressure we normally place on ourselves to 'do' and surrender to the idea of letting time float away in pursuits that nurture the soul.

No matter what position you're in, time for relaxation and self care has never been needed more to maintain a healthy mindset. Some may be blessed with more free time than others, working from home might simply bringing work pressures into your space meaning you must reconstruct your idea of 'escape' and balance.

For many parents, days are a blur of making meals and managing messes, negotiating nap times and bedtimes, and often working from home now too. When the house finally falls quiet from little footsteps at night, some much needed relaxation time and indulgence in life's little pleasures is called for. 

These are the quiet moments we at NATALIJA are relishing in to bring about a sense of calm in unsteady times. Making the most of the opportunity to do things for the pure intention of just feeling good.

We hope this inspires you to take a moment today to enjoy the simple pleasures that nourish the soul.

Getting lost in the pages of a good book.

Putting your thoughts onto paper with journalling.

Savouring each sip of coffee in the AM,
and your favourite vino in the PM.

Connecting with your body through movement and stretching.

Catching up on much needed rest.

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