With our origins in nightwear, sleep is obviously a sacred space for us at NATALIJA. There is something ritualistic about preparing for bed, everyone has their own little routine they like to follow before a night of slumber.
I like to treat this practice as a luxurious experience and focus on dedicate the time to winding down and self-care. At the end of a long day there is nothing nicer than treating yourself to a beautiful and considered ritual that makes you feel pampered and relaxed, and most importantly ready for a restful and rejuvenating sleep. 
The best preparation for sleep is highly personal, what works for you is completely individual but I thought I would share my favourite rituals that I like to do every night before bed to ensure the best rest.
 night-time ritual sleep well benefits of silk natalija sleepwear
After a cleansing shower to wash off the day, there is nothing that feels quite as special as slipping into my silk pyjamas. Without a doubt this feeling of personal luxury is part of what inspired me to create NATALIJA, and it is the part of my night time ritual I most look forward to. I love how silk makes me feel pampered, elegant and feminine, it is my little treat at the end of the day.
Silk is my first choice for sleepwear not only for its softness but it is so important to sleep in a natural material that breaths. Silk’s natural qualities regulate body temperature most effectively, for a warm sleep in the winter and keeping you cool in summer.
 night-time ritual sleep well benefits of silk natalija sleepwear
Ahead of bedtime it is important to instil a sense of calm and wind down from the day. Shifting focus from work and the day’s stresses is important, as is drawing yourself away from electronic devices which not only perpetuate stress but also emit sleep inhibiting blue light. The simple act of replacing screen time with a book is an easy way to do this. Reading something that calms and inspires you is a great habit to develop as an alternative to stimulating electronics.
night-time ritual sleep well benefits of silk natalija sleepwear
For a real sensory experience, I like to use fragrance as part of my nightly ritual in the form of oils and candles. If I am reading in bed, a lightly fragranced candle burning offers a flicker of light and a lingering scent that helps me to drift off. But my favourite practise that I do each night is rubbing a drop of lavender between my wrists. Lavender oil has been used for centuries to calm the nervous system and encourage rest, applying it to points like the wrists or even a drop on your pillow will create an environment.
night-time ritual sleep well benefits of silk natalija sleepwear 
What are your essential ingredients to your nightly ritual?
X Natalija
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