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In the spirit of coming back to home, our next In Conversation with NATALIJA women is with none other than Natalija herself. Whilst work from home for her at the moment is a meshing of motherhood and busily preparing for the new collection, she is seeking small pockets of the day to slow and remain inspired.

Here, Natalija shares her moodboard for self-isolation. These are the things she's been drawn to that allow her to feel her best whilst navigating exciting business projects and a busy little toddler!

Three words that best describe your personal style?

Comfortable, classic, feminine 

What is the oldest, most treasured piece in your wardrobe? 

A black lace and silk slip (shown above), it was the first I made when I started the business 6 years ago. Wearing it makes me pause, look back and appreciate just how far I’ve come and grown. Finding time to reflect is essential if you want to look forward to the future.

What is the item in your wardrobe worn on the highest rotation?

It’s been tempting to fall into the habit of sweatpants now that I’m working from home. Though I’ve always dressed to feel good and with the current times, having that same mindset is so important (it’s nice to not wear pyjamas all day!). For me the Scoop Neck Cami is on high rotation, it’s about keeping it comfy yet chic - I’ve found myself layering it under knits or wearing it with elasticated pants. 

Where or who did you get your sense of style from?

Like most girls, I was introduced to the concept of style by my mother. She instilled in me the value of ‘quality over quantity’ and made me aware of that certain ‘attitude’ a woman can have when wearing beautiful, well made clothes. Watching how she dressed I became observant of how an outfit can transform how you feel and subsequently started to develop my own taste and sense of style.


 - Looking back at memories of our very first Natalija shoots. These sit above my desk as I work away at shaping a new direction for the brand coming very soon!


I feel the most confident when… 

I am being my true self.

What are your daily practises to connect to self? Do you have any special rituals or moments that you make time for?

Having a business, being a mother, wife and everything else you find your hours in a day get filled up quickly. So one moment I make time for every day is 30 mins of exercise in my living room while Elle is napping. I do functional training; this half hour helps me to reset and get into a healthy mindset (not only for myself, but for my family). 

I also love burning Palo Santo by Apha.Lab in our house, I do it every week to get rid of the negative energy and bring in positivity!

What book do you think every woman needs to read and why?

Make It Happen by Jordanna Levin - it’s all about manifesting the life of your dreams, being consciously aware of your thoughts and taking actions that will support you to create whatever you’re wanting to create.


What is your favourite beauty ritual to indulge in when you need some self care?

Apart from having a shower longer than 2 minutes and washing my hair... I love the evening ritual of cleansing my face and putting on a beauty mask to hydrate, brighten, and reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eye. With a teething toddler, this is a non-negotiable right now! I really treasure this simple moment of luxury because it makes me feel good.

What does having a conscious wardrobe mean to you?

When I make a purchase it’s a very thought-out thing - is the style timeless, what fabric is it crafted in and where is it made? I’d never go out and get lots of things in one go. Whether it’s my wardrobe or my home, it’s about slowly building and adding to it over time so it becomes a true reflection of you.

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