Natalija's Initial Inspiration

The inspiration behind the brand.


The idea for NATALIJA was born in 2014 from my own personal struggle to find nightwear that was understated and contemporary, although all that I found available was either too matronly or overly seductive. So I began designing a line of silk underpinnings and after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response I knew I was onto something special.


Black Silk Slip Nightdress Bed Sleep Natalija Bouropoulos

Design Studio Sydney Warehouse Fashion Natalija

The more I learn about the fashion industry, the more I am convinced that people need to buy less but buy better. It is my passion to create long-lasting, precious pieces of impeccable quality and strive to do so in the most sustainable way possible.

I believe that a sense of style is innate. I think that some people are intuitively attracted to it, find it and seek it out in whatever environment they grow up in. I am certainly one of these people.

Like most girls, I was introduced to the concept of personal style by my mother. She instilled in me the value of ‘quality over quantity’ and made me aware of that certain ‘attitude’ a woman can have when wearing beautiful, well-made clothes. Watching how she dressed I became observant of how an outfit can transform how you feel and subsequently started to develop my own taste and sense of style.

White Silk Shirt Jeans Styling Black Lace Bra Natalija

I always feel put together and sophisticated in the oversized Silk Pyjama Shirt and jeans.
My style is not overly complicated or challenging, you will always find me wearing quite minimal ensembles in classic, comfortable shapes. The most significant thing for me when buying things is that each addition is always very considered. It’s about slowly building and adding to your wardrobe so that it becomes a true reflection of you.
As with my clothes, I have a discerning approach to beauty. I wear little make-up, sunscreen every day, drink lots of water and add a spritz of fragrance before I leave the house. But most of all I love the evening ritual of massaging my face with essential oils and putting on my silk pyjamas before getting into bed – I really treasure these simple moments of luxury that make you feel good.

On the bedside table: a photo of our wedding day, the latest book I'm reading, the resinous scent of an Ambre Candle by DIPTYQUE, and a beautiful perfume my husband bought for me, Olympea Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabenne.



I live by the mantra, “Everything is possible” (so much so that I have it tattooed on my forearm). It’s about believing in yourself, because no one is going to believe in you if you don’t. I strongly believe that once you know yourself and stay true to that, things will fall into place.

Natalija xx


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