Silk Lace Bridal Robe Ivory White Wedding Day Natalija


Simple and pure,
She is captured in a picture of sheer serenity.
Delighting in a moment of reflection and anticipation.
She moves with grace and natural beauty,
Preparing for a day she will never forget.
A certain air of contentment surrounds her,
For today she feels truly special.


We are very excited to announce the launch of NATALIJA’s latest Bridal Collection.
A collection that is very dear to our hearts, it has been some time since our last foray into Bridal but with this new range it was very important to us that it reflected our signature style of quality, timelessness and longevity. A labour of love (in more ways than one!) we are very excited to offer the NATALIJA woman a collection of classic pieces that will make her feel oh-so-special on her big day.
Silk Lace Bridal Robe Ivory White Wedding Day Natalija
To celebrate this launch we chatted with soon-to-be-bride and NATALIJA woman, Rosalie, about her personal style and her wedding-prep plans.
 You have a beautiful sense of style! What inspires you?
Oh, that is so kind of you! I'm inspired so much by my surroundings, and other people especially. My style is constantly evolving as well, I spent a bit of time in Europe this year and came home with a real penchant for red which I had never had before - I blame the Spanish!
Tell us a little about how you met your partner and his proposal.
Daniel and I met in high school (cliche, I know!), 9 years later he proposed cliffside at sunset in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta where my family is from. I was really surprised he was still keen to lock me down for forever, I had given him a hard time that day for some questionable lunch choices and had gotten us totally lost on the way to where he had prepared this amazing picnic for us. It was a beautiful, utterly perfect mess - as these moments should be.
Silk Lace Bridal Robe Ivory White Wedding Day Natalija 
What are the classic pieces that you can't live without? 
A never fail pair of boots, I will wear them all year round. This year I stumbled on a pair of buttery leather nude boots and they have been the best investment.
How do you feel when wearing NATALIJA and why are these new bridal pieces so special?
NATALIJA pieces are such a luxurious addition to my wardrobe. They fit so delicately and just mould to your body. I just felt like a goddess in this silk slip, there is such a feeling of richness in a timeless piece that you can't get elsewhere. It will be a beautiful addition to my wedding preparation and I'll be wearing it after with aforementioned buttery boots!
Silk Lace Bridal Robe Ivory White Wedding Day Natalija
To wake up refreshed on your wedding day, what will your beauty rituals be the night before?
Keep hydrated, always. I often get really dry lips so I’ll just be drinking so much water, and adding moisture where I can. My dream look is fresh and glowy, so I would be investing in a moisture enriching routine, I recently tried Creme de Lamer and I'm not sure I can go back.
Where are you thinking of honeymooning?
I would LOVE to honeymoon in Tulum, I've been wanting to visit Mexico for quite a while now and we're both obsessed with Mexican food so it ticks all the boxes!
What's your favourite perfume?
I wear Chloe Signature Eau de Parfum every day without fail. I have so many other beautiful scents, but that one I just adore.
Silk Lace Bridal Robe Ivory White Wedding Day Natalija
What's your guilty pleasure?
Oh, that's a tough one! I shamelessly indulge in David Attenborough documentaries...obsessed, I can watch them for hours and I will re-watch them over and over!
Note that once you place your order, the piece will be made by an artisan seamstress in Sydney specially for you, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
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