N Women: Annie Carroll

In this edition of our In Conversation with NATALIJA Women we speak to Annie Carroll. Wearing her 'work hat', Annie is a freelance writer and publicist working with brands that are grounded in purpose and sustainability. When this hat is off, Annie is a self confessed pasta enthusiast and it is no surprise this wordsmith will often be found getting lost in the pages of a book.

We are so pleased to have her as a treasured friend and supporter of NATALIJA, and honoured to speak to her today about her sense of style and self love rituals.



Three words that best describe your personal style?

Understated, archetypal, evolving


What is the oldest, most treasured piece in your wardrobe? Where did you get it from and what special meaning does it have for you?

A heart-shaped Christian Lacroix bag. It’s an embroidered bag made up of patchwork fabric and jewels. I got it in London when I was probably 18 or 19. It was the first really ‘designer’ thing I owned and it made me feel so very grown up. But it’s so precious and delicate, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it. 


What is the item in your wardrobe worn on the highest rotation?

It would have to be a good quality white t-shirt. I wear mine with everything: tied up over my Natalija silk dress, tucked into high-waisted blue jeans, under a black blazer. It’s the most versatile and hard-working thing you can own, I think.


Where or who did you get your sense of style from?

I spent my early years learning about fashion from my mum. She was quite glamorous. She was a journalist and editor and would always look very elegant going to work each day. As I grew up, I’d pour over fashion magazines and cut out my favourite images and stick them to my wall. Now, I find I get inspired most by my beautiful friends and from a few high-profile people - Alexa Chung comes to mind. 


I feel the most confident when…

I’m taking care of my body and mind. 


What are your daily practises to connect to self? Do you have any special rituals or moments that you make time for?

I will always try to make time for a walk by myself each day, ideally somewhere green. I am trying to get better with journaling and meditation, but in all honesty, this is an area of my life that needs quite some work!


What book do you think every woman needs to read and why?

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Gay’s books of essays dismantles the idea of feminism as it ‘should’ be and embraces feminism as it is: complicated, messy, contradictory. It will open your eyes while also providing a dose of humour and realness to your understanding of feminism. Plath’s book is one I return to over and over. Who doesn’t love a semi-autobiographical journey into existential dread?!  The protagonist's imagination is at odds with her reality...it’s dark and rich with layers of meaning. 


What is your favourite beauty ritual to indulge in when you need some self care?

A Verso face mask, Ayu body oil and a long sleep. 


What does having a conscious wardrobe mean to you?

It means curating and editing my wardrobe down to versatile items that I know will last. I like to buy locally, and preferably from labels that are transparent with their values, manufacturing and treatment of employees and contractors. Ultimately, a conscious wardrobe is made up of pieces that are loved, treasured and cared for. 


Annie wears our Silk Slip Dress in Black, styled with our classic Silk Shirt... stay tuned, this popular style is about to make a come-back in the NATALIJA collection!



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