N WOMEN: Aleysha Campbell

There is no better time than International Womens Day to introduce our new series, focusing on our community of NATALIJA women.

Here, we will be sitting down with creative, passionate and stylish individuals to discuss conscious style and mindful rituals. Our first feature is Aleysha Campbell, founder of our flagship stockist - The Sustainable Wardrobe.

Ofter beginning her career as a fashion stylist, Aleysha's natural passion for sustainability and eco-consciousness lead her to question the impacts of the industry she so loved. Nowadays, you will find her buzzing around her Balmain boutique engaging with customers and sharing her love for the little community of brands she has gathered together at TSW. We so admire her for her openness, natural ease and excitement for building a better world through fashion.

Read on to find out her approach to style and building a conscious wardrobe.

Three words that best describe your personal style

Timeless, feminine and sentimental.


My most worn item in my wardrobe is… 

A feather mohair knit from The Sustainable Wardrobe’s 2019 winter showcase. It’s beautiful, lightweight and emerald green. A colour I’m always attracted to in both the natural and material world. I wear it at least once a week, with pride!


What is the oldest, most treasured piece in your wardrobe?

I have many! My most loved and most worn is a vintage a-line, sunshine yellow skirt. I stumbled across it at a local market in Sydney and admired its character. It’s been a piece that’s given me joy for the past 6 years through all seasons.



Where or who did you get your sense of style from

Who I am guides how I dress. I’m a very sentimental individual and will seek out pieces that bring me comfort, fit the story of my wardrobe and represent a part of me. It’s a fond feeling when you light up from simply wearing a garment. Clothes are wonderful in that way. They are living stories and I think we forget their power often.


I feel the most confident when...

In nature, in the elements smiling from ear to ear.


What does having a conscious wardrobe mean to you

A wardrobe that lives with you, and represents your individuality. Investing in timeless garments and being careful with what you buy directly lessens your footprint and impact on people and planet. Slowing down, I’ve found, is wonderfully freeing and allows room for the more grounding things in life: time in nature, with our loved ones and with ourselves.


Thank you Aleysha for allowing us into your wardrobe and for sharing what it means to be a NATALIJA Woman.

Aleysha wears our Cotton Check Wrap Top.

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Love your pearls idea of the stone added! My style is classic with some edge and romantic at times. The idea is to be comfortable and authentic and usually at our age group we know who we are. Great blog and post thank you!


Stanley Thomas September 21, 2020

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