Mothers Day Message 2019

Her touch, her smile, a warm hug, shared laughter, collective tear. These are the pure and authentic moments with Mum that we wish to celebrate this Mothers Day.


Mothers Day to us is a reminder to cherish the special connection we have with the women around us. The lives we lead are fast paced and time can sometimes feel as though it is slipping by. So this year we will be using the day to hit pause and reflect on the moments that we have shared with our mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and special friends. Our day will be spent sharing memories and celebrating the simple things in life.
As we strive for a slower, more conscious way of life we are realising that so much of this is about giving gratitude for the things we are blessed with. We are ever appreciative of the women who give us their kind hearts, unconditional love and unwavering support through not only the peaks and troughs of life but in the everyday.
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For me, this Mothers Day will take on a new meaning as it will be the first with my daughter, Elle. I cherish the connection I have with her and for me there is nothing more precious than enjoying our day to day routine together. Whilst this day will be a milestone for me it is just about savouring this moment in time before she grows into a woman that I am proud of.
natalija wrap dress mother day message 2019 special gift
natalija wrap dress mother day message 2019 special gift
Sending love to you and the women in your lives. May you cherish those special moments together especially this Mothers Day.



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