Meet The Women Of Our Latest Campaign

We've always celebrated women as they are, and feel it's our responsibility to amplify the voices of the women we dress, especially when it comes to inspiring confidence and advocating inclusivity. 

We want to represent women in a way that feels relatable and universally understood; revealing something much more real, refreshing, and vulnerable.

With an all-female team on the day, the #WereHereForWomen campaign sees a group of nine role models / supporters of NATALIJA photographed by Ana Suntay-Tañedo.  

We chose these women because they inspired us. Each woman is assured in their style and sense of self.

It's time to see real women, like you.

Follow @natalijaofficial_ and @werehereforwomen to watch our videos where we candidly ask the women to choose at random a question, and not having seen it before, answer from the heart; speaking on empowerment, confidence and beauty.


Amelia is compassionate, broad-minded and quick-witted.

Amelia Roche works as a student administration officer for a not for profit training group, she also models with WINK.


She believes the things that bring her joy aren’t things to feel guilty about - after all, life is too short and we may as well enjoy it.

Her favourite movie of all time is 'The Princess Bride'. Her coffee order a flat white.

Amelia wears: our Silk Tank Top - Amelia (size 16), and Silk Satin Slip Skirt (size 14).

Follow her Instagram: @ameliamroche

Anyier, ambitious and true pleasure to be around. 

Anyier Yuol is a visionary young woman of South Sudanese background.

She is the Founder & Director of Anyier Model Management and Miss Sahara, Australia's newest and most prestigious beauty pageant for women of African descent. Anyier devotes herself to encouraging, inspiring and supporting her fellow women to find and exceed their potential within the modelling world and all other facets of their life, and those around them.


She also (somehow amazingly) divides her time between community activism, youth leadership, mentoring, playing soccer, completing a Master of International Development (Forced Refugees and Displacement) at UNSW, modelling, and is a PhD Candidate at Western Sydney University.

She is currently dreaming of the picturesque, beauty that is Zanzibar Tanzania and wishes she was on a flight today (with Tim Tams in hand, admitting they're her favourite guilty pleasure).

Anyier wears: our Classic Silk Camisole - Maya (size 6), and Silk Satin Slip Skirt (size 6).

Follow her Instagram: @teresa.yuol / @anyiermodelsaus / @misssaharapageant


Bridie; free-spirited, honest and a beautiful soul.

Bridie Alman is a Sydney-based publicist and content producer with a focus on sustainability and inclusive representation. She also edits the lifestyle website Sampled with two friends where they endlessly chat all things beauty, lifestyle and culture.


This time last year Bridie was basking in the Tuscan sun with her closet girlfriends, grazing on cheese and indulging in the finest wines - like many of us, she’s feeling particularly nostalgic for an Italian summer at the moment.

Her favourite drop is 'A Brave New World Pet Nat', while her coffee order is a soy chai.

Bridie wears: our Classic Silk Camisole - Ada (size 6), and her favourite jeans.

Follow her Instagram: @bridiealman / @sampled_


Courtney is strong, has an independent spirit and her boundless energy is contagious.

Courtney Humphreys is a mother of three, who has gone back to uni this year studying psychology, sociology and philosophy; while also working as a fashion stylist with the world’s most influential brands.


She is a country-girl at heart, and prefers quaint coastal towns over the city. She's counting down to when she can return to Brunswick Heads to ride horses along the beach, swim in the ocean, cruise around the farmers markets in the hills, play tourist admiring the untouched art deco architecture, and giving the credit card some good mileage at the vintage shops and at old school pubs.

Her guilty pleasure is super crunchy peanut butter slathered on butter, on charcoal toast; with a long black coffee (just to balance it all).

Courtney wears: our Silk Tank Top - Ada (size 10), and Cotton Rib Pants (size 10).

Follow her Instagram: @courtneyhumphreysstylist


Eliza's quirky and outgoing energy is revitalising.

Eliza Connor is was previously an Account Manager at Vogue, Vogue Living, and GQ. 

She best describes her style as unique, comfortable, and edgy. Her guilty pleasure is (secretly everyone's old favourite) a find-a-word puzzle and organising her wardrobe. Her coffee order is a cappuccino. 

Eliza wears: our Silk Tank Top - Maya (size 10), and Silk Satin Slip Skirt (size 10).

Follow her Instagram: @ellieconnor


ICa is radiant and her positivity uplifting.

ICa (pronounced Eka) Niaty-Mouamba has a decade of marketing experience working for agencies in both France and Sydney.

She is the Co-Founder and Director of a consultancy Eighty Eight Creative, that's centred around helping emerging brands grow meaningfully.⁠

Interestingly, she also hosts styling sessions ⁠in her spare time showing women how to ⁠dress in that chic, 'French Girl' way - complete with croissants and other sweet pastries. ⁠

She loves to invest in pieces that are made to last, and is a believer that fashion is a tool for self-expression and can give a woman a sense of empowerment.

ICa wears: our Classic Silk Camisole - Faith (size 8), and her favourite jeans.

Follow her Instagram: @icacocoradiant / @eightyeightcreative_

Kim's beauty and sensibility are timeless.

Kim Ellmer is a successful stylist who has been responsible for some of Australia’s favourite red carpet and TV looks. She is also a model, being scouted at just 15 - now at a gracious age of 60, is partnered with Silverfox Management

Kim's fascinated by the psychology behind a powerful outfit, and has designed a few pieces herself in collaboration with some Australian brands. For her, it's how clothes can make you feel that's most important. 


Her favourite thing is to entertain, and is longing for summer to arrive so she can enjoy family time, lazing around in the garden, swimming, and lots of fresh food and good wine (of course!).

Kim wears: our Silk Satin Slip Skirt (size 8) and Silk Tank - Malala (size 8).

Follow her Instagram: @kimellmer


Lauren is creative, modest and easy-going.

Lauren Hung is a talented Calligraphist and Founder of The Blackline Bottega, a successful boutique design studio that's worked with leading Australian and international brands.

She feels most confident when she is sleeping and eating well, staying hydrated, out in the sunshine and doing regular exercise.


Her guilty pleasure is ceramics and art, and can't seem to stop buying artisan pieces like handmade plates, cups and pretty trays. This obsessions is which brings her to dream of a Mediterranean holiday right now (Spain, Greek Islands, Southern Italy, southern France and Turkey / Morocco, just to name a few!). 

Lauren wears: our Silk Satin Slip Skirt (size 10) and Classic Silk Camisole - Amelia (size 10).

Follow her Instagram: @lauren_theblackline@theblacklinebottega


Sadaf's energy is peacefully calming.

Sadaf Razi is a celebrity and fashion stylist and previous fashion editor. Her biggest career highlight is styling Meghan Markle which has since featured on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico and Elle France.


Last year she curated an inspiring Instagram page 'Be You Beauty Inspo' that spotlighted content centering or created by people from diverse backgrounds. She wanted it to act as a fashion and beauty mood-board that showcased and celebrated diversity because it felt like the lifestyle landscape was becoming more inclusive.

Her dream man is Idris Elba. Her guilty pleasure is reality TV.

Sadaf wears: our Classic Silk Camisole - Malala (size 6), and her favourite jeans.

Follow her Instagram: @sadafr / @beyoutyinspo


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