Inspiration behind 'Mama's Uniform' Collection

While made with Mama's in mind for their { changing, growing, transforming } body, this collection is fit for { every body }

NATALIJA is here for women, here for mothers gently embracing a new skin and life chapter. Motherhood marks the beginning of a redefining time in life and we are here to embrace you, cloth you and stand by you wherever this transformation greets you. 


"As a mother of one (soon to be two!) I was inspired after my own struggles to find clothing to accommodate the changes - both physical and lifestyle - that come with motherhood. With every piece, I thought deeply about: silhouette, fabrication, and colour - considering a woman’s needs, her life stage(s) and body.”


Introducing the ‘Mama’s Uniform’, it supports mothers at any part of their journey; from pregnancy to birth, to those early days, and years beyond.

We felt the desire to design garments that would instil confidence, bring comfort and ease into a mothers (or soon to be mothers) world. Every design details is intention to be suited to your changing needs and changing bodies.

For example;

The idea of uniform dressing is simple, it's about keeping a small number of items in your wardrobe fuss-free and are of quality with a monochromatic colour palette.  The pieces are all in line with each other, and are versatile enough to pair with pieces you already own in your wardrobe. This means, you can just grab and go in the morning without worrying about whether a top matches the pants.

“There is a problem with maternity wear, it’s the minuscule life span of the clothing. Women who keep the clothes they wore during pregnancy seem like a rarity.

This collection is all about providing women versatile pieces that can be dressed up and down, before and after baby – not limiting them to a certain occasion or time in their life.”

Whether you're a mama, or soon to be, know of a mama, or find your maternal joy in other ways; celebrate women with a style that works on everyone from our new 'Mama’s Uniform' collection here.   

We’re giving { more } back: with the launch, we are increasing our i=Change donation from $1 to $5 for every order placed until Sunday 10 May. Learn more

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