Inclusive Sizes: You Asked, We Made It

Starting today, the NATALIJA collection will feature brand-new Summer 2020 pieces in additional sizes, from 14 to 18.


When Natalija dreamt of the brand that she would one day create, she envisaged a collective sense of kindness. Care for our planet and the people in it were her priority, whilst creating beautiful collections underpinned by substance and truth.


This is a consideration that continues to guide the brand, which is why we appreciate the honest dialogue we have with our customers. Recently we began to notice an increase in requests for custom orders from customers in Australia, Canada and the US. Women were asking for slip dresses in extended sizes, reaching out to us via email and instagram saying “Can you please make this in my size? I struggle to find ethical brands that offer my size, we want to support sustainable fashion too!”.



Customer feedback has always been our driver so with the number of requests that were coming in it felt right to extend our size options. We quickly got to work adapting our production and designs to be inclusive of a more diverse range. 


We knew this process took more consideration than one might think - perhaps why many brands haven’t reached this yet. As easy as it would seem to simply ‘add another size’ this process included revisiting all stages of the garment’s construction - from the pattern to the fabric, cut, fit and make. Guided by our brand ethos is ‘beautiful things made better’ - we were committed to investing the time to ensure that everything was done with care and intention.


To achieve this we actually changed the way we lay our patterns. We now use a program that automatically lays out our sizes onto the fabric which in turn prevents wasted fabric. As this is a more economical way to ensure all of our material is put to good use, we were able to maintain an affordable price per garment with a broader size range.

From today, the NATALIJA collection will feature new Summer 2020 pieces in sizes 6 - 18. We are so grateful that our customers have guided this change, and it is something we are hopeful to see more of throughout the wider industry.


Please enjoy our latest collection, Summer 2020. We hope you find something beautiful that you will cherish for a lifetime.



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