We invite you to view our next instalment in the NATALIJA How-To Series, covering the basics of garment care. This week we are focusing on a common mending technique, How to Sew a Button.
One of the strongest beliefs behind NATALIJA as a brand is quality and longevity in our designs and a key element of this is educating our customer about garment care. We believe a sustainable outlook starts with emphasising care in production but is not complete without a long-term outlook for the clothing. This why we believe so strongly in treating each item in our wardrobe with love and demonstrating how uncomplicated garment care can be.
In today’s fast fashion culture it can seem more convenient to replace rather than repair when a garment develops a perceived fault. However our hope at NATALIJA is to break this cycle by first producing high quality, well made garments but secondly by further highlighting this sense of longevity by educating our customer how to care for the garment, in regard to day to day washing but also basic repairs should the need arise. These are basic principles that we hope that everyone will develop into habitual maintenance practises, so easily that they become second nature.
How To Sew A Button On Silk
From our first-hand experience, by putting more love into your clothes you grow to appreciate the garment so much more and the longer you practise these habits your appreciation will run so much deeper. You will begin to understand more intimately the material’s qualities, the carefully considered details that make the garment unique and the effort that went into it’s overall make. In being more mindful of the nuances of the garment you develop a special connection to it and the process behind it, from the designer’s original concept, to the fabric supplier and to the seamstress that put it all together.
So today we invite you to view our quick step-by-step guide on How to Sew a Button. All you will need is cotton thread that matches your garment, a pair of scissors, a sewing needle and of course, a button. This tutorial is simple enough for even the most beginner seamstress but is a great way to practise basic sewing techniques.
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