How to hand sew a strap

This guide is part of our first of many short videos in our IGTV Wardrobe Care Series is a tutorial on how to adjust the straps on your tops and dresses by hand. This is a really easy adjustment that you can make at home, to ensure that your wardrobe is tailored best for you and your body.

Our steps for hand sewing a strap:

  1. Measure the length that you need to take out of the strap and pin in place.
  2. Thread your needle with yarn to match your garment.
  3. Using a short running stitch sew to secure the strap ay the shortened length.
  4. Repeat for the other strap, tying a knot to complete and trimming the excess thread
  5. Remove pins and your adjustment is complete!

We hope this series inspires you to see the opportunity in your wardrobe, and perhaps put some of your extra time into looking after your most well loved pieces.

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