Hand Washing Your Clothes

We are big believers in hand washing to prolong the life of our clothes. After all, a sustainable wardrobe is built on pieces that last and a huge part of this is how we care for them.

It was this belief that lead us to create our Fine Fabric Wash, which is now a long-time favourite amongst our customers. Since it has been especially popular of late, we thought it was time to refresh our How-To guide to Hand Washing.

Read our steps and best tips below to learn how to hand wash your clothes effortlessly.



Our top 3 tips for hand washing

  • Use cool water, not warm. In some cases warm water can set stains and shrink or distort fabrics. Also, by using cool water you are saving energy from heating the water.
  • Only wash when you really need to. In between washed light fabric garments can get away with a gentle steam or sun bath. To refresh your garment and get rid of any light odours simply hang nearby when you are having a shower or in the sun for a few minutes. Washing less is kinder on the garment and the environment.
  • Time is often be the biggest excuse not to hand wash, our routine is to do it alongside a machine load. Pour your water and set up your hand wash before you load your washing machine with your regular cycle. In the 5 minutes it takes to load your machine the garment is ready to take out of the water, rinse and allow to dry. Make a routine of this so that the process feels effortless.


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