The Mood Of March's Inspiration

Good things are coming. New styles are launching in a few weeks, here’s a look into Natalija’s inspiration behind the latest pieces:

“As I approach the birth of my second child, change is inevitable.  I will not be the woman I was a year ago, a month ago, or even a week ago.”

And nothing has influenced her more than this journey of transformation.

“When I think about the women closest to me; we are all different in size, shape or life stage - though, one in the same. We are all experiencing, feeling, or sensing change in our own lives. We’re in a time of shedding, ending, clearing or beginning something...”

Sharing with you Natalija's mood board:


Our wardrobes need to now take on a new purpose and compliment the women we are becoming.  
What we hope these new styles bring you is simple: inspiration to dress with confidence and ease, ready to take on the world! 

 Ps. Good things are coming. Embrace your own  journey. Click and save the above images as your phone’s wallpaper, or share them on Instagram to motivate others! 


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