Gentle Stain Removal

We are pleased to bring you another edition of our Wardrobe Care series - on Gentle Stain Removal, from our IGTV.

We’re not immune to a little clumsy moment, but we have mastered a couple of techniques to erase our mistakes without damaging delicate fabrics (like our silks).

Two techniques that help to gently erase life’s little mishaps:

Technique # 1:

Ideal for a light oil mark.

  1. Apply baby powder to the stain
  2. Cover with a thin cloth (like a tea towel) and iron with medium heat for 30 seconds.
  3. Lift the cloth off and dust away the baby powder.
  4. Follow with your regular hand wash to remove excess powder.


Should the first technique no work, try this alternative.

Technique # 2:

This method is particularly effective at removing makeup stains.

  1. Dab a small drop of kitchen dish detergent onto the stain. The detergent will work to break down oils.
  2. Hand wash as normal to remove detergent residue. If necessary, repeat steps until the stain if lifted.


Our final tips for stain removal:

  • Treat stains as quickly as possible.
  • Work gently so that you don’t damage the fabric, never rub at stains.
  • Patience is key - repeat the steps until the stain is lifted.


We hope these short tutorials are inspiring you to spend some time looking after your most loved pieces.

You can view the Gentle Stain Removal video here.

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