Enter 2021 with a Reenergised Perspective

To Our Community,

Among this year of change where we were encouraged to be still, reflect on our past and consider the future—we realised that the only place to truly be; is in the present.

This holiday season and beyond, we invite you to set intentions for the present—wherever you may be. It is an act of mindfulness, take in each day as it comes, appreciate the small moments, connect with loved ones, and practice gratitude for the things that we do have.

We will start by expressing our thanks to you, our community, to Ric and Chrisy who make our garments, and to all who have supported us. We will continue to inspire you, to launch with the intention of appreciating just a few pieces at a time, and to honour Mother Earth with a promise to our sustainable practices.

Together, let’s enter the new year with a reenergised perspective.

Wishing you love and light for 2021! 



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