Dear Self: Tania Gnecchi

It is a pleasure to introduce Tania Gnecchi. Creative director, founder and designer of RUUSK that creates unique heirloom jewellery with purpose and intention. All pieces are made-to-order and are customisable to encourage meaningful and intimate connection with your treasured piece.

Read Tania's letter below, about the magic of oneself.

 Dear Self,
You are more magical than we’ll ever entirely understand. 
Each sweet cell embodies an ancient wisdom that makes everyday possible.
Don’t forget that your body is also knowledgeable, powerful and deserves to be listened to.
Sometimes we must step away from the mind and instead be guided by our physical being.
Be brave, be respectful, honour this precious vessel.
Your body is your window to see, feel and experience this beautiful world.
We are so very lucky. Never stop dancing.
x Tania


Tania wears the Organic Cotton T-Shirt (White) in a size 8, small.

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Instagram: @ruusk


Our 'Dear Self’ series is an exploration of self awareness, self care and self love where NATALIJA women share honest letters, releasing words and feelings out into the world with pride. To own their true, whole selves. Embracing imperfections and vulnerability to inspire others to embrace theirs. 

Join us in celebrating the kind in womankind.

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