Dear Self: Laura Roscioli

It is a pleasure to introduce Laura Roscioli. Model, dancer and writer. Advocate for body positivity, female empowerment and diversity within the fashion industry. Laura recently opened for Melbourne Fashion Festival ("a powerful step in the right direction", words from an article she wrote for PopSugar Australia).

Read Laura's words below, a love note to her body.

 Dear Self,


You’re incredible. I know I haven’t always been kind to you, but you’ve continued to look after me and keep me moving through this crazy, ever-changing world and I thank you.  

It’s taken me time to appreciate your beauty, your worth and your power and now that I have, I can’t imagine a world without it. 

Beauty comes from within and you are more than how you look. You’re my cute squishy tum, you’re my soft olive skin, you’re my stretch marks as I grow and change and develop into the woman I’m supposed to be. 

To love myself, means to love all of you and I am so proud to say that I do..

Laura wears the Silk Satin Maxi Skirt (Black) in a size 14, x-large.

Connect with Laura:

Instagram: @lauraroscioli


Our 'Dear Self’ series is an exploration of self awareness, self care and self love where NATALIJA women share honest letters, releasing words and feelings out into the world with pride. To own their true, whole selves. Embracing imperfections and vulnerability to inspire others to embrace theirs. 

Join us in celebrating the kind in womankind.

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