Dear Self: Jordana Labi

It is a pleasure to introduce Jordana Labi. Founder of the creative talent agency ~ The Uncommon Agency. A space for artists and talent that celebrates originality, challenges the expected and embraces the uncommon.

Read Jordana's words below, a reminder to embrace her journey.

Dear Self, 

You’ve come a long way over the last 30 years. From external pressure in todays society, to those people who dimmed your light with their criticism, to the voices in your head that riddle you with fear and anxiety - I am proud of the person you’ve become and the beautiful woman you are constantly evolving into. 

Everyday you must continue to learn to embrace the changes your vessel has and will go through and remember the strength you hold and how far you’ve come. 

It’s been a love hate relationship for the last 30 years. You’ve been battered and bruised internally and externally by many others. You’re tired of the judgement that you receive - not only from others but from your own inner demons. 

Your ‘imperfections’ tell a story, each line has its own history. You are beautiful, you are powerful and you are uncommon. 

You must continue to keep learning to be kinder to yourself, love yourself infinitely, and resist the fight to be your own worst enemy. 

You are worthy, You are loved and you are enough. 

J x 


Jordana wears the V-Neck Silk Slip Dress (Black) in a size 16, and the Silk Satin Maxi Skirt (Black) in a size 18.

Connect with Jordana:

Instagram: @theuncommon.agency_ and @jordana.labi


Our 'Dear Self’ series is an exploration of self awareness, self care and self love where NATALIJA women share honest letters, releasing words and feelings out into the world with pride. To own their true, whole selves. Embracing imperfections and vulnerability to inspire others to embrace theirs. 

Join us in celebrating the kind in womankind.

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