Dear Self: Emma Bennett

It is a pleasure to introduce Emma Bennett. Recipe-developer, content creator, food enthusiast, Youtuber, and a woman just as passionate about uplifting other women as we are.

Read Emma's letter below, a reminder that she's enough (always).


Dear Self,

You are never too much. You are never too much. You. Are. Never. Too. Much.

I promise you this: You are allowed to be you. Let your laugh be loud! Let your dreams be loud! Let your voice be loud! Let your tears be loud! Take up space and live your life. Apologise for making mistakes, and learn that these don’t define you. It’s okay to have setbacks. It’s okay to pick yourself up and do better next time. It’s okay to not be perfect. You are the most resilient person I know! And it’s taken a long time to get there, but wow, has it been worth it or what?

You are allowed to be liked for who you really are. And you are allowed to be disliked for who you really are. I know you worry about people-pleasing. I love your heart for others, but I love your heart for yourself more. Keep fighting to be brave. Brave enough to be ‘you’. Brave enough to lose friends. Brave enough to find new ones. And when you find yourself doubting, remember that your worth is stagnant. It’s always there. It never changes. You are always infinitely valuable.

My friend, you are enough. Whether you are the loudest person in the room, or by yourself at home. Always enough.

Let’s grow old together.


Image credit: Emma wears our linen dress in white, captured by @isobe.le  

Connect with Emma:

YouTube: Sunflower Citizen

Instagram: @sunflowercitizen


Our 'Dear Self’ series is an exploration of self awareness, self care and self love where NATALIJA women share honest letters, releasing words and feelings out into the world with pride. To own their true, whole selves. Embracing imperfections and vulnerability to inspire others to embrace theirs. 

Join us in celebrating the kind in womankind.

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