Better Packaging

At NATALIJA we believe so strongly that being a ‘sustainable’ brand isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing journey of striving to be better. We are constantly assessing areas in which we can improve to provide a beautiful product for the NATALIJA woman and how we can do so without compromising mother nature.
We are so pleased to announce that NATALIJA’s next step on this path is switching to Better Packaging!
natalija better packaging sustainable recycled compost pack
Our existing mailbag has been replaced with Better Packaging Co’s 100% biodegradable bag made from corn starch. In your home compost these bags will decompose in 3-6 months so when your beautiful NATALIJA piece arrives simply remove mailing labels and place in your compost bin or worm farm.
Within the packaging you will find your new garment wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, which gently lines the fabric with a neutral ph and is safe to be composted too. When we can, our finishing touch is a silk ribbon made from production off-cuts.
We are so pleased that by making a conscious choice to use these materials we can significantly reduce waste from each order. Nobody is perfect, but we believe so strongly that if we all try to make small, simple swaps to reduce the amount of waste we consume it will lead to big change.
For more information about Better Packaging Biodegradable Mailbags click here.

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