Design Inspiration for Summer

With our new collection due to launch in just a few short weeks and the topic of transparency highlighted in recent industry conversations, we thought we would peel back the curtain to show you Natalija's approach.

A wealth of ideas that are tabled, worked, evolved and realised in the development of a new collection. We're working towards this being a very special launch -  a real turning point for the brand as we introduce a new way of making our beautiful clothes.

Whist we have found ourselves navigating these unusual times, it has challenged this new vision that was born late last year. We're set to turn the industry on it's head and focus it back on you - the customer. The change in times has only proved that this is the right way forward. First and foremost, we are here for our women. And we're really excited to stand here as a brand that intentionally champions real women, and making clothes that instil you with confidence.


I often look to fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. You can learn a lot from her classic styling - it’s chic and simple, and can see you through season after season of changing trends. She’s got this easy confidence about her.

When considering my silhouettes, I channel women who represent this effortless and timeless approach to style. Women who have that innate sophistication, you see her moving throughout her day with grace and style in all that she does. I want to ensure that every garment could transcend time, space, and place.



To begin with, I thought about the key pieces that make up a versatile wardrobe and work backwards from there - the key is to edit and apply a real sense of purpose to what we create for women.

We're working towards establishing an enduring core collection. To me, it's about having the perfect foundation on which to build the rest of your wardrobe. Enter the May release - the early building blocks to this considered collection structure. Seasonal drops are no more, these are set to be tailored to real women's wardrobes.



The pieces designed for May aren’t overly complicated or structured - it’s about ease. Key pieces that enable a woman to present herself to the world with purpose and intention. The quality and details are key - every part of the design is intentional - from the positioning of the dropped waistline, shoulder seams, bust darts, to sleeve lengths and necklines. The elements are made to highlight and enhance a woman’s body, making her feel beautiful and confident.

In this release I have provided a lot of variation, a blend of feminine silhouettes and uncomplicated classic shapes that our woman can eclectically put together to reflect her unique aesthetic. Every item is functional and comfortable, and there are so many ways she can curate her own style (back with pieces she already owns).


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