There is nothing more beautiful than a Mother's love. Nothing more heart warming than her hugs, nothing more kind than her smile, and nothing more lovely than her embrace. This Mothers Day at NATALIJA we are celebrating the beauty of Motherhood and all that these wonderful women bring to our lives.


At NATALIJA we are so proud to have so many strong, fearless women and mothers in our extended family. Women like Helena, who modelled our latest collection look book are the perfect representatives of the natural grace and open heart that only a mother can possess.


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“I see the world with different eyes now, everything seems to make so much more sense. Motherhood has truly changed everything for me for the better. We always say to each other how life seemed to lead us to this point of where we are supposed to be, taking care of and raising River.” – Helena Vestergaard


Guidance, endless support and unconditional love are the gifts that these women give to us on a daily basis without asking anything in return. This year I invite you to give a small token in return by gifting the wonderful women in your lives a piece of everlasting style with timeless favourites from our collection. The White Silk Shirt is a go-to gift of mine for the special women in my life. With a sense of true elegance and classicism this piece is something she will truly cherish for years to come and is sure to make her feel as beautiful as you know that she is.


white silk shirt black jeans natalija


This year will be a little bit different for me, not only am I looking forward to honouring the beautiful mother figures in my life but I am truly delighted to share that I am also due to become a mother myself. I am very excited for this new chapter to commence and at the same time I feel as though this is a pivotal time to stay true to my belief that life and love need to be cherished. Throughout this very special change I want to really enjoy every moment and live my life slow, which also includes how I continue with my approach to NATALIJA (my first baby!).


As with anything good there has been so many smaller pieces that add up to the whole so the most enjoyable part of this journey has been to relish taking one step at a time and appreciating the small changes as they happen. Especially now, the brand needs to be sustainable for this important part of my life. Given this we will continue to step outside of the fashion calendar and will only be injecting new products when relevant. The NATALIJA woman doesn’t need to add new product ‘in season’ rather, build slowly to create a well curated wardrobe that is long lasting and not trend driven.


We wish all of the mothers in our lives a beautiful Mothers Day, and may we all share our love and appreciation today and every day to these wonderful women.


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